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Welcome to the DeepMedia blog

Introducing the DeepMedia blog, our hub dedicated to software development, DeepMedia SDKs, open-source projects and releases.

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Mattia Iavarone

March 5, 20232 minutes read

We are thrilled to launch the DeepMedia blog, our company hub dedicated to software development, our products and open-source projects, programming resources, and our company's journey in the tech world.

About DeepMedia

DeepMedia is a software development company based in Italy. We have years of expertise in the fields of video, audio, and more generally media management and graphics, especially in constrained environments like that of a mobile device.

Our business is currently focusing on the development of the DeepMedia SDKs, a collection of mobile SDKs designed to provide rich, immersive augmented reality experiences to mobile app users.

We believe that augmented reality — more than VR — still has untapped potential to enhance our lives and there are big opportunities for companies to deliver such enhancements to the end users. The implementation, however, comes with high complexity. Our mission is to simplify it for you.

We will share insights about our journey and the development of the SDKs in the blog — to stay updated, consider subscribing to the newsletter.

DeepMedia ❤️ Open Source

As a software development company, we are aware of the significance of open-source code in software development — open-source is essential in the development of our products.

We are committed to give back as much as possible to the community by making parts of our tech stack available on GitHub. We also created a home for our open-source efforts which you can visit at

The blog will also serve as a repository for announcements regarding the projects such as the release of new versions, documentation, guides and tips.

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